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DJ Set List Mixes

We can create a continuous mix of your favourite set list as a high quality MP3 file (320kbps) or straight onto CD/DVD. You provide the music and the order in which you want them played, and we will use our experience and technical know-how to mix them as seamlessly as we can. We do mixes upwards from just two records beat-synched together to a complete four-hour set. We always ensure that the recording levels are correct (without excessive peaks) so that you can use the mixes in a live situation. The Mobile DJ Set List is probably our most popular service as it gives a top quality and invaluable back-up to the DJs existing kit.

DJ 12" Re-Edits

Many popular dance tracks from the late 70's onwards have been available in both 7" ('Radio Edit') and 12" mix form. In a lot of cases, the shorter radio edit simply isn't long enough to be effectively mixed into a DJ set, whilst the 12" version can take up to three minutes to get to the recognisable part of the song. We specialise in editing down the original 12" versions so that it becomes more commercially acceptable, but retains the 12" mix feel. You provide us with the music and any pointers as to how you'd like it edited, and we'll do the rest. Please note, we do not remix tracks by adding in any third party samples, etc.

For more details, please call DJ Ian Scott on 07798 753639

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