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Wedding Music Mixing

The Wedding Ceremony Music

We have been asked many times if it's possible to edit favourite tracks down in order that they fit in with the Bride's arrival and the walk down the aisle. So, we duly obliged and now this is one of our most popular services. We re-edit your choice of song so that it fades in and fades out at the appropriate times, giving you the most popular and recognisable part of the track for your special moment.

We can also edit/seamlessly mix your music choices for when you sign the Register and when you leave the Ceremony Room. This service not only ensures the smooth running of your wedding ceremony, it also takes the pressure off the staff who are responsible for sorting/playing your CDs in the correct order during the service.

The Wedding Breakfast Bespoke Music Collection

With the advent of the iPod, we are no longer restricted to a CD maximum of 80 minutes continuous music, which is fantastic news when considering background music for a wedding breakfast. ScottieMix can create up to a four-hour background music mix with all the tracks professionally faded into one another, a seamless stream of music with no breaks or disc changes required!

The music will be entirely chosen by you, so that you get no filler or tracks you dislike (as you probably would on many commercially-available albums). A complete bespoke music backing track for your Wedding Day Breakfast.

Please remember that ScottieMix does not sell the music tracks themselves. ScottieMix provides a technical service to professionally mix and edit music to your requirements. You must legally own original copies of all the music used. Any public playing licence or copyright responsibility is down to you and/or the wedding venue.

For more details, please call DJ Ian Scott on 07798 753639

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